Dbios O.H.P Transparencies
  • This Wonderful Teaching aid lends immense assistance to the teacher during Lecture Hour, since every multicolor Transparency is self explanatory, A lot of Time is saved in sketching complex diagrams on the Black Boards / Self Prepared Transparency.
  • Every Transparency is individually placed securely in a quality Dust Proof Plastic Sleeve & Set of Sleeves are further binded carefully in a Stout & Compact File Cover for Convenient Handling.
  • In Between the Two Transparencies Single Plain Sheet is placed to avoid any sort of Scratch or Cut to the Original Transparencies.
  • We, have maneouvers to develop CUSTOMIZED COPIES for you, if needed. In all such cases Name of the Institute is printed in the Background of the Transparencies.
  • We. could prepare & develop Transparencies as per the specified Topic / subjects with Technical Perfection.
  • Available in Sets only.
OT-01Human Anatomy (in two volumes)
OT-18Business Environment Lecture Notes
OT-02Diseases (in two volumes)
OT-03First Aid
OT-04Medicinal Plants
OT-09Science & Technology
OT-10Basic Biology
OT-11Physics OHP
OT-12Chemistry OHP
OT-17World Epidemic
OT-19Data Base Management System
OT-20Digital Electronics