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These Microscopic Structures (1000X Magnification) were produced from original examinations & data furnished by bacteriological experts. Multicolored Printed.

Mounted on Board 

Size 12" x 18"

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Neisseria gonorrhea Gram StainMDC-01
Neisseria Gonorrhea Gram Stain
Product Code: MDC-01
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Streptococcus pyogenes Methylene BlueMDC-02
Streptococcus Pyogenes Methylene Blue
Product Code: MDC-02
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Streptococcus pyogenes Pappenheim's StainMDC-03
Streptococcus Pyogenes Pappenheim's Stain
Product Code: MDC-03
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Staphylococcus aureus Methylene BlueMDC-04
Staphylococcus Aureus Methylene Blue
Product Code: MDC-04
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Gaffkya tetragena Gram StainMDC-05
Gaffkya Tetragena Gram Stain
Product Code: MDC-05
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Deplococcus pneumoniae Gram StainMDC-06
Deplococcus Pneumoniae Gram Stain
Product Code: MDC-06
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Diplococcus pneumoniae Showing Capsular Swelling Gram Stain as seen in Neufeld Quellung TestMDC-07
Diplococcus Pneumoniae Showing Capsular Swelling Gram Stain As Seen In Neufeld Quellung Test
Product Code: MDC-07
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Klebsiella pneumoniae Hiss Capsule StainMDC-08
Klebsiella Pneumoniae Hiss Capsule Stain
Product Code: MDC-08
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Escherichia coli Gram StainMDC-09
Escherichia Coli Gram Stain
Product Code: MDC-09
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Salmonella typhosa Gram StainMDC-10
Salmonella Typhosa Gram Stain
Product Code: MDC-10
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Salmonella typhosa Stained to show FlagellaMDC-11
Salmonella Typhosa Stained To Show Flagella
Product Code: MDC-11
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Pasteurella pestis Pappenheim's StainMDC-12
Pasteurella Pestis Pappenheim's Stain
Product Code: MDC-12
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Brucella melitensis Carbol FuchsinMDC-13
Brucella Melitensis Carbol Fuchsin
Product Code: MDC-13
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Pseudomonas aeruginosa Gram StainMDC-14
Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Gram Stain
Product Code: MDC-14
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Hemophilus ducreyi Gentian VioletMDC-15
Hemophilus Ducreyi Gentian Violet
Product Code: MDC-15
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Hemophilus influenzae Gram StainMDC-16
Hemophilus Influenzae Gram Stain
Product Code: MDC-16
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Bordetella pertussis Gram StainMDC-17
Bordetella Pertussis Gram Stain
Product Code: MDC-17
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Moraxella lacunata Carbol FuchsinMDC-18
Moraxella Lacunata Carbol Fuchsin
Product Code: MDC-18
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Corynebacterium acnes Gram StainMDC-19
Corynebacterium Acnes Gram Stain
Product Code: MDC-19
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Corynebacterium xerosis Albert's StainMDC-20
Corynebacterium Xerosis Albert's Stain
Product Code: MDC-20
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Corynebacterium Diptheriae - Gram StainMDC-21
Corynebacterium Diptheriae - Gram Stain
Product Code: MDC-21
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Corynebacterium diptheride Albert's StainMDC-22
Corynebacterium Diptheride Albert's Stain
Product Code: MDC-22
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Corynebacterium pseudo- diphtheriticum Gram StainMDC-23
Corynebacterium Pseudo- Diphtheriticum Gram Stain
Product Code: MDC-23
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Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Zpehi-Neelsen StainMDC-24
Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Zpehi-Neelsen Stain
Product Code: MDC-24
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